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Subject: Brown to announce CVF deal?
Padfoot    7/14/2007 11:06:04 PM
Seems Gordon Brown will announce the go-ahead for the long delayed CVF project this week. From the Scotland on Sunday newspaper: "Scotland on Sunday can reveal that the Prime Minister is set to put an end to years of delay by announcing the decision on the construction of the two "super carriers" within the next few days." "But defence insiders last night revealed that Brown was determined to sign off the contract and trigger the start of building work before MPs break for their summer holiday at the end of this month. He is believed to have highlighted the deal bringing economic benefits to workers in his own "back yard" as a key "statement of intent" during his first 100 days in Downing Street." Lets hope so !!!
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AdamB       7/15/2007 7:45:48 AM
Considering that they are probably going to be built on the River Clyde in Scotland then Brown, a Scotsman, is BOUND to give it the go-ahead.
Although if they were to be built in England then it wouldn't have been certain that Brown would have given it the go-ahead.  He only cares about Scotland.
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Padfoot       7/16/2007 6:31:20 AM
July 16, 2007

Armed Forces get £30bn for new equipment in defence budget

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the Treasury will agree to finance equipment projects worth more than £30 billion this week, as the Government wraps up negotiations on the military’s budget, The Times has learnt.

Defence chiefs expect to conclude their department’s comprehensive spending review this week, Armed Forces’ pay the only outstanding issue to be resolved.

Completion of the MoD’s budget will trigger an announcement by Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, confirming that the Royal Navy will build two aircraft carriers worth £3.8 billion.

Government sources said that Downing Street was pushing to make the carrier announcement by the end of this week, which in turn would allow BAE Systems and VT Group to complete the merger of their shipbuilding assets.

This would create a £1 billion company, expected to be led by Sir John Parker, the chairman of National Grid Transco, with docks in Portsmouth and on the River Clyde in Glasgow. It would be 55 per cent owned by BAE, with VT holding the rest.

The defence budget also contains provision for six Royal Navy destroyers worth £3.6 billion. BAE and VT, which are building the destroyers, have launched two of the ships already and began work on the remaining four without a fixed contract. However, a proposal to build a further two of the Type 45 destroyers has been axed from the MoD budget.

In addition, the head of the Army has won a pledge from ministers to provide a new generation of armoured vehicles to give better protection for troops in overseas war zones, developing a family of “battlefield taxis” capable of surviving roadside bombs. Whitehall sources had indicated that there would have to be cuts in the MoD equipment programme and the Army’s plans for new armoured vehicles, the Future Rapid Effect System (FRES), appeared to be in doubt. However, sources said that Baron Drayson of Kensington, the Defence Equipment Minister, is now “totally aligned” with General Sir Richard Dannatt, the Chief of the General Staff, over the need for the new armoured vehicles. He has stated that the proposed in-service date of 2012 for the first batch is “non-negotiable”.

The Army’s FRES system is intended to replace many present armoured vehicles, such as Saxon, which have been in service for decades and no longer protect soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan from sophisticated improvised explosive devices. The dangers are so great, particularly from Iranian-supplied “explosively formed projectiles” that hurl copper slugs at up to 5km per second, that the MoD has had to spend £500 million on interim measures in order to beef up armoured protection in Iraq and Afghanistan.

With FRES apparently saved from future defence equipment cuts, BAE Systems and its rival companies in the United States are competing for the huge contract that could be worth 

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Duubz       7/21/2007 11:15:34 AM
I'm still waiting...
Anyone heard anything more on this yet?
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Padfoot       7/21/2007 8:49:16 PM

I'm still waiting...


Anyone heard anything more on this yet?

Gordon Brown said in parliament this week that an announcement was due shortly.

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Padfoot       7/25/2007 9:42:39 AM
Des Browne has announced an order for 2 x 65,000 tonne aircraft carriers - HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales.
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Padfoot       7/25/2007 9:45:33 AM

LONDON: Britain plans to build two aircraft carriers in the next decade at a cost of 3.9 billion pounds (€5.8 billion US$8 billion), the Ministry of Defense announced Wednesday.

The carriers, to be named HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales, will weigh 65,000 tons each, nearly three times the size of the carriers now in the fleet, the ministry said.

The ships are due to enter service in 2014 and 2016, the ministry said, and all of the major work will be done in British shipyards.

The new carriers, designed for at least 40 years of service, will replace three carriers: HMS Invincible, launched in 1977, HMS Illustrious (1978), and HMS Ark Royal (1981).

"The carriers represent a step change in our capability, enabling us to deliver increased strategic effect and influence around the world at a time and place of our choosing," Defense Secretary Des Browne told the House of Commons.

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