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Subject: english invented the metric system
gf0012-aust    7/14/2007 9:17:29 PM
one more for the english... ;) Aussie researcher challenges origins of metric system An Australian researcher has challenged the traditional assumption that the metric system of measurement was invented in 18th-century France. Pat Norton says he unearthed a description of such a system in a book written by John Wilkins, a century earlier in England In the book, Mr Wilkins describes a measuring system defined in units of ten for length, volume and money. He did not use the term metre, preferring Rhineland inches instead. But according to Mr Norton, for all intents and purposes, John Wilkins invented the metric system. "I discovered that he had every single element of the modern metric system," he said. "Not only the modern metric system, but the international system of unit, all spelled out in four-and-a-half pages. It was a stunner."
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AdvanceAustralia       7/15/2007 8:12:19 AM
"one more for the english... ;)"

...and, better still, one less for the French.
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