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Subject: Al Qaeda's threat of a Precise Response on Rushdie's knighthood
RaptorZ    7/10/2007 4:56:39 PM
It's been awhile since I've listened or really read much of their babble...but is this threat more credible than previous ones? Thoughts... ========================== Al-Qaeda second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahiri said on Tuesday the group is preparing a "precise response" to Britain's decision to bestow a knighthood on author Salman Rushdie. "I say to (Britain's Queen) Elizabeth and (former British Prime Minister Tony) Blair that your message has reached us and we are in the process of preparing for you a precise response," Zawahiri said in an audio recording posted on an Internet website often used by Islamic militants.
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paul1970       7/10/2007 5:13:53 PM
Britain alone..............
perhaps a gee up call in support of the recent failed terrorist acts and a reminder that AlQ are still around and gunning for us and that others can enact plans in their name.
world wide............
an attempt to seize the "morale highground" and put AlQ back at the front of the global Jihad... a position it has been losing ground on in Iraq with Sunni on AlQ action rather than on the "infedel"
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Lynstyne       7/10/2007 6:08:36 PM
Realistically the next succesful attack they achieve will be attributed to this
on a side note They dont help theyre case do they
Our religion is one of peace and tolerance and death to any one who says otherwise.
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Armchair Private       7/10/2007 9:23:33 PM
"precise response"

A strongly worded letter of complaint perhaps?

No doubt expressing disappointment that Salman's got a knighthood and JK Rowling only got an OBE.

"Al Queda highlights institutional sexisim in Honours system"
    -The Grauniad

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