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Subject: On internet blogging
Yimmy    7/10/2007 2:40:40 PM
This is completely off topic, but folk around here bing fairly internet literate I thought someone may know the answer. I read an interesting little article concerning making money through blogs. This simply being to open a free blog such as on the google owned, deliver interesting content and subtly advertise its presence (such as in signatures on other forums), and then fit in as many relevant advertisements from a given advertising company (ie google again) as possible. Hence all you need do is keep adding interesting content, and people visit the site and click on the adverts, handing you money. Now this is a well known basic way of making money through websites (thats how all the early porn sites made money right?). My question is, a) how much money can you expect to rake in through internet advertisements? I am guessing it is peanuts unless you have a substantial number of hits every day. And b) what are the legal implications of making money in this way? Would you have to register your money making endeavour as a company and so pay busness tax?
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Yimmy       7/12/2007 4:40:03 PM
Come on someone must know, or have their own blog even!

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Heorot       7/13/2007 2:56:14 PM
I have friend who runs a website on Vickers Viscounts. He tried that route (Google ads) and got around £20 after 3 months. The downside was, he was then classed as a commercial site and no-one would give him free content any more.

No more ads!

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