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Subject: Bad Jihadi Humor about Global Warming
swhitebull    7/9/2007 12:25:36 PM
from Mark Steyn, National Review: Jihadists against climate change [Mark Steyn] Boy, even these incendiary docs are getting with the beat: TERROR suspect Kafeel Ahmed asked his family to pray for him hours before he crashed a burning Jeep into Glasgow Airport... Police in India were yesterday questioning his father Maqboo, mother Zakia, both doctors, and student sister Sadia about the phone calls. In the first message on May 5, according to the Times of India newspaper, Ahmed said: "I am involved in a large-scale confidential project. It is about global warming. I cannot reveal the details. "The project has to be started in the United Kingdom. Various people from various countries are involved in this.." His poor family. They figured he must have been referring to Live Earth and sat through 14 hours expecting to see him, Dr Mohammed, Dr Muhammed, Dr Mohammad and Dr Muhammad as back-up singers to Cat Stevens. Ayatollah al-Gore has a lot to answer for - though, in fairness, Glasgow Airport did record record temperatures the other day. swhitebull - feel the love.
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