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Subject: London is the world capital of the 21st century... says New York
AdamB    3/20/2007 3:16:44 PM
London is the world capital of the 21st century... says New York 20th March 2007 Londoners may flock to New York in search of bargains, but London is the global capital of the 21st century according to New York magazine. An influential American magazine has named London the global capital of the 21st century. The new issue of New York magazine is a homage to London, claiming the financial, cultural and culinary benefits now tower over those of its home city. In the most glowing American media coverage of Britain since Vanity Fair’s 1996 Cool Britannia issue, the article declares: "If Paris was the capital of the 19th century and New York of the 20th, London is shaping up to be the capital of the 21st century. "It is not Britain and the US that have a special relationship, it is London and New York... increasingly it seems as though London has the upper hand." American writers Eugenia Bell and Matt Weiland add: "To Londoners now, there's a sense that the future belongs to them. It can sometimes seem as if there's nobody over 30 in the streets and that a great experiment in mass immigration and assimilation is under way." The architectural skyline, including Norman Foster's Gherkin and the Shard of Glass, and thriving arts scene, particularly West End theatre and the Frieze Art Fair, all receive special praise. A report commissioned by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned Wall Street that the Square Mile was ahead when it came to job creation. He visited Britain last month and concluded: "London is gaining on us in area after area." The magazine says: "In short, New York is cardiganed Woody Allen and London is party-dressed Lily Allen."
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VelocityVector       3/20/2007 4:00:44 PM

Currently I'm evaluating whether to move my law practice to a large British firm.  The firm is a worldbeater due to its collective intellect, ability to think outside the box and, interestingly, respect for its lawyers and staff at a human level.  American law firms are still rooted in the 19th century/early 20th century model with a master-slave mentality and rest on lockstep and the partnership pyramid scheme.  At least as far as my profession is concerned the Brits have got quite a lot right and I can see London Trumping® US major law firms in the decade ahead.  I'm fine with that, provided I get to live and work in Chicago.


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DynamicTraveler       3/23/2007 10:27:23 AM
Before the recession in the early 90's, Tokyo was quickly becoming the "world capital".  New York will always have a few things like NYSE, Nasdaq, big business, etc.
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eldnah       3/23/2007 11:35:42 AM
New York will always differ from the London, Tokyo, Rome and Parises of the world as like Rio it is one of the few major cities of a country that is not its national capital. Please no UN world government silliness.
I believe not building a group of world class structures at the site of the former world trade center's Twin Towers represents a loss of spirit in NYC that is a cause and symptom of its decline. That, Sarbenes-Oxley and an increasing tax burden have dealt a blow to the capital markets which had been the driving force behind the city's growth. Perhaps Gov. Spitzer and Mayor Bloomberg will become more proactive. We'll see.
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PlatypusMaximus       3/23/2007 12:27:55 PM
Capitals are awesome! Once you're saturated in the absolutley unescapable smell of restaurant grease and urine, you'll know you're there. Now, get to work!
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