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Subject: London ghetto and how UK should deal with it.
YelliChink    2/22/2007 6:39:48 PM
just found the following to be interesting: Sometimes I just amazed of how people are pursueing failure and misery out of themselves. Well, if they want it, they shall have it. In 20 years, they will find their young men out of job, out of skill, and illiterate in English. They will find their young women prostituting to subsist their unemployed, arranged husbands, because they have no other skill or knowledge to be employed in more prosperous jobs. They will find their children malnutricious, uneducated and unteachable, only to be killed in shoot out on the streets selling drugs. In other words, they are in the process of making their community to be livelihood presentation of suck. Just stop subsidizing them and let their community pay for everything they should by themselves. It will allow UK to control their numbers while they go straight downward. Apartheid it is but the name, and asking for it they themselves are. Being a total A-hole I am, but no other way this problem can be solved, or prevented. Just control their numbers.
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