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Subject: SAS disguise themselves with Bisto gravy granules
AdamB    2/10/2007 6:43:49 AM
SAS disguise with use of Bisto By VIRGINIA WHEELER February 10, 2007 SAS soldiers who ran out of camouflage cream have been on secret missions — smeared in GRAVY. Our elite troops found the meat sauce worked as a skin-darkener after one soldier spilt it on his arm in the mess room. They have nabbed 100 suspected insurgents during raids in the Iraq capital of Baghdad this month — while smelling like roast dinners. Bisto granules are now used regularly instead of MoD-issued Fast Tan. An SAS source said: “Surveillance is very difficult in Iraq. We go to great lengths to change our appearance. “We use cream to darken our face, dye our hair black and use brown contact lenses. “But when Fast Tan ran low, the lads suggested using Bisto after one accidentally discovered it did the trick. “The gravy smell is pretty off-putting — but it works.”
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