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Subject: Anglo-French Missiles
streaky bacon    2/6/2007 11:52:31 AM
Why are most of MBDA missile products produced in France. Is it another case unfair workshare assigned to the French! Call me nieve but why should the UK subsidies French jobs and industry! France never buys British and makes a point not do so! Sorry for the rant but Im very sad at how the Uk Defence industry is being sold to the French and closed down!
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Council34c    French Missiles   2/6/2007 12:56:48 PM
Not sold to the French, given to the French, as if they didn't have it easy enough. Once BAE is allowed to sell the rest of MBDA, millions of pounds of research funds put into creating new technology by the British MOD for Meteor and other missiles will be lost with any profit going straight to the French. So we will essentially be paying for the development costs when we buy the missile which we already paid for! It's ridiculous.
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interestedamateur       2/7/2007 2:20:42 PM
Not true!
In future please take the time to carry out research before writing blanket statements.
A quick google reveals that: "Assuming German participation (in Meteor) the preliminary workshare should equate to: 34.6% Britain, 21% Germany, 12.4% France, 12% Italy, 10% Sweden and 10% Spain." Source:
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Herald1234    Propietary rights and capital seed investment profits.   2/7/2007 2:40:45 PM
Workshare doesn't mean squat when you mortgage the future potential in search of the present reward. Stop thinking like a socialist, or an accountant, and think like a CAPITALIST.


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french stratege       2/8/2007 6:44:36 PM
Well ,for once a british recongize it.
Our policy is clear, defense is a national and strategic issue as defense equipement.
We want to be able to get equipement even under embargo and to be able to scale up for high intensity conflict
It is out of the question we acquire our main equipement abroad only to get a 10% or even 20% saving.
Brtish do not consider the same as accepting dependance to US or France in order to save money to equip their forces.
So the key equipement and parts is produced on France.
On Meteor , the funding share of UK is more than 30% to pay to develop it.But it use french technology for the stato and a french autodirector to be produced on existing french lines.
You know for your ULF towed sonar developed by Thales Underwater, they are designed in France in Sophia Antipolis on Mod funds since we shrank UK based R&D centers.
Again no question to get such a critical technology abroad.
You want equipement for the best price regardless nationality? OK.We produce in France at the best price for you.
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