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Subject: Question for Yimmy on Gustav
YelliChink    1/9/2007 5:00:49 PM
Yimmy, have you seen these Gustavs still around in British Army? Is there any new ammo for Gustav that can be fired IN DOORS? I was just thinking about a type of ammunition for Gustav that fires as a spigot mortar but than with a rocket motor to propel itself to about 400-600m. Although I didn't figure out how to reduce the recoil that will dislodge shooter's shoulder, it certainly allows in-door operation.
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flamingknives       1/9/2007 5:20:45 PM
Just to avoid confusion, I'm not Yimmy, but it's an open thread on an open forum, so what the hey?

AFAIK, the Carl Gustav recoilless rifle is not currently in British service ("They" probably have some, but "They" don't count for such things). It was replaced, starting in 1989 or thereabouts by the LAW80 (sometimes erroneously called the LAW94 for its calibre or, if one were to be cynical, it's actual full operating capacity). The LAW 80 is most certainly not an indoors-friendly weapon, and is currently being phased out. Its ultimate replacement is the NLAW, an inertially guided, top-attack rocket from SAAB-Bofors.

However, in the interim, the British Army and Royal Marines are using AT4s (also from Sweden). According to the Hansard records of the House of Commons, these are of the HP CS varients, meaning that they pack more anti-armour punch than the basic version and that they can be fired safely from within enclosed areas. They are also lighter than the LAW80, but they achieve this by sacrificing range and hitting power.

If you want a spigot mortar anti-tank weapon, the one you are looking for is PIAT.
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Yimmy       1/9/2007 9:27:29 PM
Never so much as seen one.
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1FER       1/9/2007 9:45:49 PM
We still use them down here and fired an illumination round from one years ago. Great fun.
Heres a video of some on the range.
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1FER       1/9/2007 9:46:34 PM
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