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Subject: Operation Iraqi Freedom - Forces Used, Casualties, Damage Done et al
Yimmy    10/10/2006 7:31:28 PM
Hey, I was hoping some of the more knowledgable posters would be kind enough to point me in the right direction, where reliable sources on the recent Iraq War are concerned. I need research into the forces deployed, casualty figures, damage done, and the shift of power in the region etc. Obviously I have a rough idea of places to look, and am not looking for others to do my work for me, but it would be nice if you could mention any good sources or (MoD?)web-links which I may otherwise overlook. Cheers.
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DarthAmerica    R.I.P. See you when I get there...   10/10/2006 7:37:30 PM
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DarthAmerica    R.I.P. See you when I get there...   10/10/2006 7:38:34 PM
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DarthAmerica       10/10/2006 7:40:10 PM
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Yimmy       10/10/2006 8:08:41 PM
Thankyou, Darth.
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flamingknives       10/12/2006 3:49:25 PM
Do you mean OIF or Telic (ie US or UK involvement) or the whole thing?
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Yimmy       10/13/2006 12:20:26 PM
The whole thing.

Unfortunately half my modules for the first year of "International Relations", are touchy-feely "Sociology" modules. For one of my assessments I have to make a poster on a topic and give a presentation on it. It's all a bit wank if you ask me, but at least I got a half decent topic. Now I am just after sources, for my contribution to the group.

I am rather tempted to just make up the statistics to be honest. But can't really be having that in an establishment of higher education, now can we?

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xylene       10/14/2006 1:47:48 PM
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Yimmy       10/20/2006 10:33:23 AM
No other insightful sources out there eh?
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