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Subject: Eurofighter
streaky bacon    9/29/2006 5:00:33 AM
Given that the cost to UK for the Eurofighter Typhoon is a whopping £19 Billion over x amount of years....could we have developed and procured our own fighter aircraft for that amount of money independent of other European partners???? Surely the whole experience of Multi - Euro collaberation has been a disaster!!!
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neutralizer       9/29/2006 6:05:32 AM
Probably not.  The usually quoted fgures are that a mulit-national project involving 3 or 4 partners increases development costs by about 20% but this is more than offset by the larger production run and hence lower unit costs.
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interestedamateur       9/29/2006 6:06:43 AM
Actually the price of the Typhoon isn't bad - its roughly half that of the F22, and about the same as the F18E and Rafale which are broadly comparable in terms of performance.
The experience of European collaboration has been mixed - in the case of the T45 Destroyer it failed, but worked very well with the Jaguar aircraft and Lynx helicopter. 
France, which paid for the Rafale itself, is having enormous problems in funding it. The problem is that our armed forces are so small, and the cost of developing hi-tech weaponry so expensive, that collaboration is the only way to go for these massive projects. Expect to see more collaboration, rather than less, in the future. 
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Yimmy       9/29/2006 3:41:08 PM
Given that the UK has the second, third or fourth highest military budget in the world, yet such small forces in terms of man-power, I fail to see why we should have to join international partnerships in order to develop fighter aircraft.
Even Russia can manage to (just about) develop and produce their own fighter aircraft these days, despite losing the Cold War! And this while their bidget is smaller than our own, and their man-power much larger.
Really, we should be behind only the US in ability to produce our own sophisticated hardware.
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flamingknives       9/29/2006 4:23:44 PM
Labour costs are somewhat lower in Russia, which does slightly increase the spending power of R&D money.
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neutralizer       9/30/2006 2:05:21 AM
Civil labour costs, including skilled engineers and mathamaticians, are significantly lower in Russia.  They also rely on conscripts in their army and follow the usual European approach to conscripts (as did UK) of paying them something less that peanuts and nothing like what regulars got for the same job.
A touch of mental arithmetic. Say, for simplicity, Typhoon dev cost were 120MMM, UK share would be about 30MMM, if UK had done it all it would be 100MMM!  And cost of producing each aircraft would have been higher.
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