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Subject: Farewell double decker London buses
DropBear    12/4/2005 10:59:51 PM
Hard to imagine in a city of many millions that your iconic double deckers are getting the arse. To me, London cabs, d-deckers and Big Ben are the first things one thinks of. What are your thoughts on the demise of said buses?
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giblets    RE:Farewell double decker London buses   12/5/2005 6:11:01 AM
Only Routemaster double deckers are being withdrawn from service, these are the iconic buses from all the films, they were first introduced in 1954 (produced intil '68), and are being withdrawn for reasons such as reliability, and the EU baning buses with no doors (health and safety), you will still be able to catch a routemaster on some heritage routes in London, or hire one for that special occasion. A sad end, everyone loved jumping on and off them! And witha conductor instead of driver giving out tickets, made the journey quicker.
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southern cross    RE:Farewell double decker London buses   12/5/2005 8:13:40 PM
>>>and the EU baning buses with no doors (health and safety), <<< That damn EU, could Blair bend over any more?
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Yimmy    RE:Farewell double decker London buses   12/5/2005 8:33:54 PM
Indeed he can. He hasn't given back the rebate yet. Nice thing the rebate. It gives the UK back a portion of the money we have thrown at France and Spain over the years. Of course, now France and Spain and the new Eastern EU members are moaning that the Eastern states shouldn't have to pay such money, when aid is supposed to be traveling to them. I fully agree. The new member states were not a part of the EU when the UK won the rebate, so why should they pay towards it? France and Spain should pay it. The only nation I feel slightly sorry for is Germany, as they pay even more than the UK into the EU, and so I believe along with the Eastern states they should escape the payment.
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interestedamateur    RE:Farewell double decker London buses   12/7/2005 12:21:11 PM
"What are your thoughts on the demise of said buses?" Slightly sad I suppose but times change. I work in London, but I've never used one which says it all really.
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The Lizard King    Good Riddance   12/7/2005 12:25:30 PM
Those things are ugly as all hell....
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Donkey    RE:Good Riddance   12/10/2005 5:44:45 PM
RM's....Ugly....please defend that statement sir! Donk
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LabRat    RE:Farewell double decker London buses   12/23/2005 11:35:32 PM
Only the old open-backed, double-decker Routemaster is being retired. London will still have double-decked red buses.
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Donkey    RE:Farewell double decker London buses   12/25/2005 6:46:44 AM
Nightslime Not to sure what point you are actually trying to make here...the RM was retired due to a Euro health & safty rule & our disabled disrinination act (no wheelchair acsess). Donk
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Donkey    RE:Farewell double decker London buses   12/26/2005 10:20:02 PM
There is nothing left of London unless you just so happen to watch Upstairs Downstairs. What a strange thing to say & nothing to do with the early retirement of a great bus! Donk
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perfectgeneral    RE:Sunset Now   12/26/2005 10:59:35 PM
Anguilla, British Antarctic Territory, Bermuda, British Indian Ocean Territory, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Montserrat, St Helena and Dependencies (Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha), Turk and Caicos Islands, Pitcairn Island, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, Sovereign Base Areas on Cyprus. Some lovely sunsets all over the world.
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