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Subject: First Telecommunications Wavelength Quantum Dot Laser Grown On Silicon Substrate
CJH    6/13/2011 8:41:28 AM
“The techniques that we have developed permit us to realise the Holy Grail of silicon photonics – an efficient, electrically pumped, semiconductor laser integrated on a silicon substrate. Our future work will be aimed at combining these lasers with waveguides and drive electronics leading to a comprehensive technology for the integration of photonics with silicon electronics.”
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YelliChink       6/13/2011 10:40:09 AM
Yup, nanophotonics. If you can get into this business, then you will get rich. I haven't look at it but I think many other groups are trying similar things. The significance of this is that one can integrate emission module with other high-speed semiconductor circuit on a chip, and connecting to optical fiber channels with same silicon waveguides.
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