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Subject: UK election 2010
YelliChink    5/7/2010 10:30:46 AM
Well well. A hung parliament here. It would be interesting to see how Cameron can form a minority government. In the meanwhile, Tories get about 10 million votes, but Labour plus LibDem get 15 million. That just shows how deeply entrenched the country is stuck with leftist ideology. Meanwhile, UKIP is officially 4th largest party in UK, but they can't get a seat. Even smaller parties can hijack some votes from local constituency. UK as a nation is pretty much done. The bureaucrats in Brussel must be cheering right now, because they are now guaranteed to get British people to pay for their "programs." And you sure will get more "ethnic" immigrants on government dough you pay for, instead of ones who are hard working and British-wanna-be. If you don't like it, then, according to Gordon Brown, you're a bigot.
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