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Subject: Have they completed Sea Viper testing with Longbow?
dazedandconfused    3/18/2010 3:22:56 AM
I saw an article (in French) reporting the Longbow Barge leaving the south of France. Then if you go to Google Maps there it is sitting in the inner harbour of the naval base on the eastern quay. The image is dated 2010 so I assume (stupid thing to do I know) that they have finished the testing at the CELM range? Considering the last two firings were ?failures where does that leave their testing/validation program? Considering the flak that the RN has received over the Type 45 you would think that they would be going hell for leather to get these things working and in place. I know, no immediate operational requirement for this but still to keep the cheap seats quiet. It might be all happening without Longbow but I would just be interested.
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