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Subject: Why do americans find the Alamo so special???
JTR~~    2/23/2010 4:02:51 PM
it is true that it is seen as a key part of American military history, that a few brave heroes stood against many foes, and died bravely doing their duty, but compared to other scenarios where this has been a similar case i really dont see why it stands out so much. take the battle of Isandlwana for instance 100 British soldeirs of the 24th regiment and a large group of native levies stood against odds of more than 20 to 1 and were doing very well for such odds, inflicting massive casulties on the enemy before being flanked and wiped out, even then when all was lost, small bands of men huddled together back to back to fight and die with their friends not wishing to abandon them in their hour of need. Even when roughly mid way through the battle the British troops bravely fought the enemy with their bayonets when all of their ammunition was spent. there were even reports of some soldiers fighting with fists and pocket knives, refusing to give in. one legend of sorts (which may be true) tells of how a lone man of the 24th took his rifle onto the hill of Isandlwana and shot at the enemy for a number of hours before he finally was killed. even then some of the brave soldiers managed to escape all the while being hounded by the zulus, which is credit to the 88 men whom made it back to the British natal to tell the tale. following that battle the heroic battle at rorkes drift, again the British were heavily outnumbered but this time they managed to defeat a zulu force some 4000 strong with the loss of only 17 men out of a small 100 brave souls. also an italain example of heroism at adowa, where a large italian force was attacked and overwhelmed by 100,000 men of Emporer Meneliks army in Eritrea. the italians lost some 5o percent casulties that day, but many brave actions were made throughout the course of the day which helped to save the lives of others. so i would like to know, why it is the the Alamo is found to be a thing of immense National pride to the Americans when you have such examples such as Isandlwana and Adowa, which surely are of more significance, not to the americans of course, but these are the example of the great deeds the Americans seem to asscoiate the Alamo with, and i would like to know why this is?? if anyone could provide a little insight it would be much appreciated thanks.
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