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Subject: Boris Johnson saved Franny Armstrong
YelliChink    11/3/2009 1:47:02 PM
Can't find Daily Mail version, but the Guardian would do. [quote] 10-10 Boris Johnson saves filmmaker Franny Armstrong from attack Age of Stupid director rescued by 'knight on shining bicycle' Boris Johnson came to the rescue of a high profile climate change activist and filmmaker who was being attacked by a group of young girls brandishing an iron bar, it was revealed today. Franny Armstrong, the director of The Age of Stupid, described the mayor of London as her "knight in a shining bicycle" after he came to her defence as she was walking home in Camden, north London, last night. She called out for help to a passing cyclist after being surrounded by a group of hoodie-wearing young girls who pushed her against a car, one holding an iron bar. The cyclist turned out to be none other than Johnson, who has made tackling youth crime a key mayoral priority. [unquote] I see triple irony here. 'Conservative' mayor saved a climate activist who was in a car. Good to know that at least one English politician is doing his job.
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