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Subject: Pupils told to think like a suicide bomber
YelliChink    2/20/2009 12:34:25 PM [quote] The exercise is part of a teaching pack aimed at secondary school pupils that has been adopted by the Department for Children, Schools and Families. It requires children to prepare a presentation on the July 7 atrocity – in which 52 innocent people died – "from the perspective of the bombers". They are asked to summarise the reasons why they thought the bombers wanted to carry out their attacks and even suggest some more. It has been produced by Calderdale council in Halifax, West Yorks, which borders the area where two of the July 7 bombers lived, and has been adopted by schools and even police forces across the country. The pack, which is called "Things do Change", is intended as a way of addressing issues such as terrorism and suicide bombing through the national curriculum. But it was criticised yesterday by victims, educational experts and politicians, who feared it could be "dangerous" to ask children to adopt the mindset of a terrorist. [unquote] WTF is wrong with people in the Department of Children, School and Family?
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FJV    What is wrong.   2/20/2009 2:06:38 PM
Let's just say that I would start with regular mandatory drugs tests among people in the department. It just might be a case of a cocaine decisions, if you know what I mean.
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AdvanceAustralia    Let me guess...   2/21/2009 2:03:10 PM
...high marks go to children who present the bombers as "alienated from society", "minorities victimised by the evil WASPs", "misunderstood members of a peaceful religion".
Low marks go to those who tell the truth...
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