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Subject: Zimbabwe
Matthew Asnip    8/24/2002 4:49:05 AM
Am I alone in thinking that if Mugabe lives out the year, the prospects for an intensive, bloody civil war are great? He is up there in years and his health is not good, but as things stand, with the economy in shambles and the army and CIO both politicized, a smooth succession just doesn't seem probable. I also don't see the MDC putting up with a stolen election as quietly as they did the last time.
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elvis123    RE:Zimbabwe   3/27/2003 3:27:56 PM
Civil wars require funding. Who would fund a civil war in Zimbabwe? No benefit to anybody that I can see. Essentially a country where a black Stalinist dictator has taken over. The expulsion of the white farmers is getting rid of the Kulaks. Get rid of those who knew how to run a farm and control the international donations of food so that your supporters are fed and those that are not supporters are terrorized into submission. Zimbabwe fought a Civil war and the biggest thugs won. Maybe there are some blacks out there that could correct me but it looks to me like the blacks were better off under the white racist rule than they now under the black racist rule.
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Thomas    RE:Zimbabwe elvis123   6/10/2003 6:37:11 AM
I think You are right. The hard fact is, that nobody cares about Africa.
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