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Subject: Why can't the French handle Charles Taylor?
American Kafir    7/11/2003 8:00:21 AM
Why do the French need US troops in Liberia? Does Charles Taylor frighten France by slapping on a swastika and walking towards Paris? Can not the French military handle thugs armed with machetes? France - the only nation in the world to cry for help against a gas station attendant.
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JCH    RE:Why can't the French handle Charles Taylor?   7/11/2003 8:17:01 AM
Did France asked for help ??? Or did Bush just said that he was sending troops... (He's getting used to it now !)
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American Kafir    RE:Why can't the French handle Charles Taylor?   7/11/2003 4:59:11 PM
France is asking the US to send troops to Liberia.
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jean    RE:Why can't the French handle Charles Taylor?   7/22/2003 2:21:53 PM
Liberia is your mess. they've got a one star and stripes flag and they speak english. It's a country made by USA. the french have nothing to do there . Call your allies , the brits , they yet went there.
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Panther    RE:Why can't the French handle Charles Taylor?   7/22/2003 10:02:46 PM
Now, Now, Now, Jean! America had as much to do with liberia, as the french had to do with the current french led u.n. force in the congo. Which used to be a belgian colony up until the mid-20th century(possibility that i could have gotten that wrong though)! And i hope i don't shock you with horror with my next statement, but the u.s. and u.k. governments actually backed the french leading not only the congo/u.n. mission but also the ivory coast too! Oh, and coincidentally, heart felt thanks goes out to the french military helicopter pilots who helped rescue not only americans but also western and foreign nationals in that war ravaged coastal area! As far as i'm concerned taylor is a libyan trained reject who should be held accountable along with gahdaffi and his filth!
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American Kafir    RE:Why can't the French handle Charles Taylor?   7/23/2003 2:30:11 PM
Taylor's a discarded French mistress, now that France has moved on to supporting Robert Mugabe.
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WinsettZ    RE:Why can't the French handle Charles Taylor?   8/1/2003 8:41:47 PM
The French Foreign Legion is recognized as one of the premier fighting forces on the planet. It has french noncoms and officers. It fights like hell, and shatters the myth of French ineptitude, at least for the Legion. As for the French, they probably dont have the logisticals to handle both Ivory Coast and everything else. They have better things to do (and spend their money on). They also have very little, if any history in Liberia. A lot of Central Africa was colonized by France, and they speak French there. Some of the Belgian areas as well, probably also speak French. So most of France's interests are there, in Ivory Coast (Cote D'Ivore) which they used to occupy. No history with Liberia, no deployments. US has history with Liberia however weak, distant and limited, but still...pressure on them because of that, and also as a superpower and purported global projector of liberty, hope, money and decadence.
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