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Subject: Liberian military
ChrisWI    6/26/2003 11:33:44 AM
Does Liberia have any organized military forces? CIA World Factbook says they have Army, Navy, and Gendarmerie but do they still exist or did they fall apart after/during 1994 - 1996 civil war?
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greytraveller    RE:Liberian military   6/26/2003 11:48:21 AM
Liberia's 'army' (under 'Pres.' Charles Taylor) is mostly a rag-tag group of poorly trained and equipped militia. They are reponsible for most of the looting, killing, rape and other mayhem that takes place in Monrovia. I'm not sure about the size of this army. The size may vary depending on need (= how close the rebels are to capturing Monrovia).
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WinsettZ    RE:Liberian military   7/31/2003 5:10:14 PM
Remember though: If Warlord's Army sucks, then rebels 3x worse. It can't be any different, nor does it matter anymore. Guy Number 1 and Guy Number 2 both pretty much suck. Mortars rain through the roofs of buildings and shatter inside, throwing about shrapnel in closed quarters or blowing out buildings. If a town is being mortared, is taking refuge in a building the safest idea? Just might be a bit safer to dig a hole in the ground and cook dinner there...
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pkenbru1    RE:Liberian military   8/10/2003 1:58:15 PM
What kind of equipment does the Liberian military have? Do they have any equipment? It seems the rebels were able to go anywhere at will?
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