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Subject: Top Pakistani Export=? ; Top Import=Indian Muslims!
khkakh    10/22/2005 5:38:57 PM
Its not terrorism. Not, yet. Prophet Muhammad said the whole world belongs to Allah and his chosen people the Muslims. So how can anyone, even comprehend, deporting Muslims, unless you are an atheist? This stupid thread, will give Indians, some brash ideas, viz., deport 157 million Indian Muslims, to Pakistan. Pakistan owns all of India so the term "deport a Muslim, the true owner of India" is a meaningless spoonerised oxymoron. Ofcourse the Pakistani economy with a GNP of 27 trillion US dollar equivalent, can easily absorbany influx of 157 million Indian Muslims. India just does not allow the Indian Muslims to emigrate to Pakistan. I wish they would. The Hindus suffer from an inferiority complex and will, never allow, their intellectual elite, the Muslims of India to migrate to Pakistan. Muslims were created by Allah to own this Planet. The fastest growing religion in the United States prison population, is Islam and we Muslims proudly embrace all jailbirds to embrace Islam and help us elevate the United States spiritually, asthetically, intellectully and economically to the level of the truly magnificent Islamic countries like Somalia, Libya, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Sudan and Chad. Mercy, even the Good Lord, has a sense of humor!(Our Father Who Art in Heaven hallowed be Thy name, Thy Kingdom........). AMEN.
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CJH    RE:Top Pakistani Export=? ; Top Import=Indian Muslims!   10/23/2005 5:03:39 PM
You must be careful not to insult the Prophet or you will be branded an outcast by every PC enforcer.
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swhitebull    RE:Top Pakistani Export=? ; Top Import=Indian Muslims!   10/23/2005 8:23:48 PM
...You must be careful not to insult the Prophet or you will be branded an outcast by every PC enforcer.... Then i dare the PC enforcers of these boards to brand me an outcast for calling the Pissant Mohammed a murdering, illiterate camel humper, who deliberately murdered husbands so that he could "legally" rape their wives, marry and fornicate with "nubile" free-willed nine year old female cousins in incestuous rapes to fulfil pedophiliac desires, and someone who engaged in genocide. swhitebull - let's see how good the PC police are.
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