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Subject: The people of Troy enter Europe.
Goði    9/26/2005 8:50:17 AM
In the years about 100-200 after Jesús Kristus, an army of men from Troy calling them selfs Aesir (Æsir = men from litle Asia) march over the lands of old Scythia and bipast them. This Army was led by a man named Woden (Wóþinn)wich was the king of Troy (Valhöll). The army march all the way into "now germany" wich was then Celtic land, and they butchered and killed them that wouhlt not join them. A man from Wodens army was made king in a land wich they named Saxland then the army hedded north where they enter Jótland, Woden restet in a place Called Vóþinnsvé on island befor entering the land he named Gothland or Gautaland. He was now in the heart of Scandinavia, Sweden and became there a great king. The army made this journey possibly becouse of Roman setlers had taken mutch of there lands and the lands of litle asia were under constant attacks. The lands in scandinavia where more peacfull. This did not meen that that Aesir had forgotten about Troy or the Romans. Later on armys where sent to destry Rome, But Rome was fallling and the didnt really need to attack them hard. Goth armys had setle in east-europe before the collapse of Rome, But they had to flee the armys of Atli king of the Hunst. In Sweden army was made to attack Rome. The Saxon King had bin making plans for some time to take over the Celtic lands of Briton. After the fall of rome Saxon King in a union with other tripes of northmen invatet Briton. In Sweden the King was wanting to get back the lands in litle Asia, An Army of 80.000 men was sent to the City of Constantien. This army was then payd of with huge stocks of gold. This ended the hope for ever getting there homeland back. Wich was later on taken by Muslim wariors. Wodens move, to take his countrymen north into peacefull lands was one of the greatest stragy occurrence ever. If he had not made this trip. The race of Troy wouhlt be no more.
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Carl S    RE:The people of Troy enter Europe.   9/27/2005 8:02:35 AM
I dont know much about the history of Sweden and Scandinavia. Did the Sevir or Swedes have a different origin from the Goths?
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timon_phocas    RE:The people of Troy enter Europe.   9/27/2005 12:05:05 PM
What are your sources for this writing of history? I would like to read more about it...
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Pars    RE:A Fantasy: The people of Troy enter Europe.   10/4/2005 7:50:51 PM
The land of Troy was conquered by Cyrus a little time after 539 BC. During Greek-Persian wars the area joined Attica-Delos league (5th century BC), but Persia reconquered it after Peloponesian wars. The area was under Persian rule when the invasion of Alexander the Great started. Alexander conquered the area at 334 BC. At the end of Succession wars of Alexander's empire the area was under the control of Seleucids. After Rome defeated Seleucids, the area became a part of the Kingdom of Pergamum. The last king of Bergama left his Kingdom to Rome when he died at 133 BC. The area of Troy was always a part of Roman Empire from this time to Medieaval times when Turks conquered it. (Byzantium is continuation of Roman Empire) At no time during the given time period from 6th century BC to medieaval era there was no Kingdom of Troy or a King of Troy or an army of Troy. This story is a fantasy.
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