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Subject: Why didn't anyone get a painting of the Prophet?
TriggaFingaz    7/10/2004 10:10:00 AM
I read that Muslims are not allowed to create statues or pictures of humans. Is that why there are no pictures of the Prophet Mohammed AT ALL? I have never come across any depictions of the Prophet, whereas we know so many statues/pics of Buddha, Jesus and Chinese & Hindu gods. Does the Koran or Hadith EVER describe in text what the Prophet looked like and how he dressed?
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ilpars    Iconaclist civil wars of Byzantium   7/10/2004 10:38:07 AM
At the time of Hz. Muhammed there was a civil war at Byzantium because of Iconaclasm. 1 group supported that Iconas are heresy. Maybe because of that, Hz. Muhammed never let anyone to paint him. In Islam to associate religious values to an art is not allowed. But at the time of early caliphates painting was also forbidden. But that was not the case for every muslim country. For example in Ottoman Empire painting was allowed. Several Sultans like Mehmed II and Selim I had their own portraits to be painted.
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TriggaFingaz    Any idea on how   7/13/2004 4:03:48 PM
So is there ANY description of what the Prophet looked like? ONly certain that he had a beard. That's all.
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ilpars    RE:Any idea on how   7/14/2004 3:40:30 AM
I had a description of him somewhere in my books. But not sure can find it. (Too many books). I remembered he was ordinary looking. Nothing special.
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Caesar Maximus    RE:Any idea on how   6/22/2005 11:46:28 PM
I thought the civil war between iconoclasts and iconophiles was in response to the Islamic policy of no depictions of God, and the East Romans wanting to try and appeal to their Islamic neighbours (though at great cost to their relations with the Pope once their hold on Rome and Ravenna was lost). The goal was to try and limit conversions on their borders, and have a better chance 'reacquiring' converts in lands they reoccupied.
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Desertmole    Actually...   6/25/2005 6:32:37 AM
The Islamic prohibition was that neither man nor beast could be depicted in art or form. In Saudi you will almost never see a statue or drawing of animals or humans. In 1994 or there abouts there was a great scandle when a new park in Riyadh was opened and in its center was a statue of a pair of hands holding up the world. The clarics and muttawas wanted to have it torn down. IIRC, the statue was designed by one of the wives of a senior member of the Royal Family, so it stayed.
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Pars    RE:Actually...    6/25/2005 8:12:25 PM
Saudis are belonged to Wahhabi sect which is a Harici (unorthodox) sect. Which means they are much different than the mainstream beliefs of Islam. Most of the things you may want to do is prohibited by them. According to Hanefi sect (one of the mainstream sects); it is free to paint or sculpture a person. In fact many Ottoman Sultans had been painted. It is just forbidden to worship them.
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CJH    RE:Actually...    6/26/2005 4:27:28 PM
I believe the reason is to prevent images from being objects of reverence.
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culprit217    RE:Why didn't anyone get a painting of the Prophet?   11/30/2005 9:22:54 PM
Both Christian and Muslims originate from the same books of the Bible...the Old Testament. Though the tests are somewhat different, there are very similar passages and the charachters are essentially the same...both, for example, delacre Abraham to be the a descendant of almost all their prophets...anyway, both have the same beginnings and one of the common threads is the ten commandments. Among those are the prohibition of graven images rule as ordered directly by God. Some releigions took that quite seriously and Islam is one of those. Some sects of Islam tend to try not to tempt men toward sin, so they cover their women and resist having any images in their presence. Wahabisim happens to be among the more adherent to this rule.
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Ozamist    you ever read the koran    4/17/2006 1:03:58 AM
The koran states that it Cannot and will not coexist with other religions i wont go into the exact details for i have read the koran almost all these bibels but what icant understand is why Cant we all understand we all pray to the same god just because we belive diffrently have wrong words are whatever they say we should jsut stop this because i can think for me that i know if ther is a god would not be happy with all the things we humans have done in his name o and about that woman thing i think in a way yeah but no not with the mask if you are a faithfull beliver and Strong at heart like all the bibels say you can resist the temptation of these things very easily if there so willing to die on the dot then why not safe themselfs ? and test themselfs at other things ahh ill stop here
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Pars    RE:you ever read the koran    4/17/2006 1:53:12 PM
I have read the Quran and if you want I can give you the exact verses, that says to coexist with other religions. Are you sure you read it?
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