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Subject: Reinforcements in A-Stan
FCUS    12/8/2008 11:41:03 AM
I heard this a few weeks ago but didn't write anything because I did not have credible sources to back up my assumptions, but now I do! I found more details about the next french reinforcements in A-Stan. - 3 RAFALES will be sent next february to Kandahar to replace the 3 Mirage 2000-D. They will experiment a new targeting system. - 3 UAVs (SIDM) will be sent to the american base of Bagram, also in February - 3 TIGRE helicopters, expected end of mars-beginning of april, which will probably b stationned around Kaboul I also heard the army will send 2 CAESARs and VBCIs, but I don't have anything official to back it up
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