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Subject: I wish...
FCUS    11/12/2008 1:01:21 PM
I wish the French government had purchased Leopard 2A6 instead of building their own Leclerc. We would have more tanks today! I wish the french government had developed the VBCI with another country to reduce costs so the army could by CV 90 or Pumas in addition to the VBCIs I wish they would cut more jobs (way too much personnel) in the army so we could buy more Tigers, NH90 and Caracals and equip its forces with decent equipement (proper kevlar vest for isntance)!!! I wish they would double the navy's budget so it could put at sea a resasonable number of FREMM, another Aircraft Carrier and more SNA. I wish the AF had enough spare parts for the Rafale! I wish our soldiers would get the equipement they deserve and my country the army it should have. Any other frenchman wants to share its thoughts?
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JIMF       11/14/2008 3:02:47 PM
I'm an American, but I'm curious regarding your estimate as to what percentage of the French population,  particulary  your age group, share your views regarding expansion of French military capabilities. 
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FCUS       11/15/2008 10:40:45 AM
An estimate...from my group age...5-10%. 
Not a lot of kids my age (range 18-25 y-o) are interested in the military and an even smaller percentage has an idea of the shape our troops are in and the amount of money the government could save/should have saved.
Hopefully it's going to change. I know I mentionned Sarkozy a couple of times, but I'll do it one more time. The new white paper will allow the french DoD to save 3 billion euros a year, that should help procurement and maintenance ! Thank you Nicolas ! (a very large part of the french population thinks the latest white paper was a mistake, as you can see im not your typical frenchman)
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