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Subject: Back to the site of the ambush...and ambushed again !!!!
FCUS    10/23/2008 4:22:18 PM
For the first time since the ambush that took the lives of 10 french soldiers in august, the french army and the ANA went back to the Uzbin Valley and the village of Sper Kunday where the ambush took place. The idea was to regain control of the area and reestablish contact with the local population. link: (video in french) h*tp:// At the same time, a joint operation between french and american forces took place in the Kapissa district and the Laghman province. During what should have been a simple recon, the french paratroopers from the 8th RPIM were ambushed by a about 100 talibans and underwent heavy enemy fire for 2 hours. With the help of american air support and french 120mm mortars they eventually could disengage combat. h*tp:// h*tp:// Sources report that 14 talibans were killed during the ambush. One french soldier was lightly wounded and transported to the military hospital of Bagram. During the disengagement, still under heavy fire, a MILAN firing team left the Milan system and two missiles behind. Despite many attempts, the paratroopers could not get the MILAN back. It was eventually captured by the talibans. An air strike to destroy it was called off because of the proximity of civilian houses. Officials say the capture is not a major problem since you need a lot of training to be able to operate a MILAN. Personnaly I don't trust french officials, but I looked up on a few websites and apparently you need a 8 weeks training course to operate it properly (after all, it's not an RPG!!). More to operate it at close range. However I do not know enough about this weapon so I cannot say if the ISAF should be worried. I will browse forums etc and keep you posted. If however they figure it out, then I hope you can't buy Milan missiles on the black market... MILAN: h*tp:// h*tp:// And just for a little lagh after such drama, why you shouldn't buy russian :) => h*tp://
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