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Subject: Genocide?: Armenia vs. the Vendee
Jeff_F_F    6/10/2008 6:50:45 PM
I stumbled upon some discussion of the debate as to whether the repression of the Vendee during the Reign of Terror should be considered a genocide. What was interesting to me is that the (generally accepted) arguments against its classification as a genocide seem to be identical to the (generally rejected) arguments against the classification of Turkey's repression of the Armenians as genocide. Is there a difference between the two circumstances I'm missing, or is it just that French will never accuse France of genocide but have no problem accusing Turkey of the same?
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Jeff_F_F    Sorry about the double post   6/10/2008 6:52:01 PM
I got an error message the first time and tried again...
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Rodrigo       9/15/2008 12:26:51 PM
5 words for you: How the west was won.


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