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Subject: Sarkozy on Iran
JIMF    9/25/2007 3:09:25 PM
How is Mr. Sarkozy's very tough rhetoric on Iran being received in France?
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french stratege       9/25/2007 8:23:35 PM
With very few opposition .I fact people don't know what to think and trust government.
Iran is not popular and people remember the terrorist attack in subway done by groups acting as proxy of Iran for retaliation on Eurodif contract and our support to Saddam.
Foreign affairs (and war) are far more consensual in France whatever WW1, WW2, Indochina, Suez, Algeria etc...
We have done a war operation during presidential campaign in CAR and nobody spoke about it.Press wrote on it very few and two months after election..No demonstration for Ivory coast (except some Ivorians in France)
If there is a war, it will be done with a minimal consensus and for reasons and with a strategy which is not public for most.
Remember that Mrs Royal was even thougher on Iran.
If Mr Sarkozy plays loudly or envision war, it is because the agreement with the most credible leader of the left already exist.
French have almost never demonstrated agaisnt a french war in their history or to stop it.
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french stratege       9/25/2007 8:30:14 PM
In a funny thing , the only significant demonstrations on war which has ever existed in France, were demonstrations for more war like for Algerian war "jusqu'au-boutistes" (people who did not want to give up Algeria) or during the 1870 war to continue the war.
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Alexis       9/26/2007 12:03:59 AM
Kouchner (French foreign minister) and Sarkozy fail to convince.
See ninth post in this thread for details: h**p://
Rhetoric is one thing. If Sarkozy was to go as far as to make France participate in a war against Iran, he would be committing political suicide.
I don't think he's a good president for France, but I have to recognize he is smart and has good instincts. I would be surprised if he made such an error.
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JIMF       9/26/2007 2:49:08 PM
"French have almost never demonstrated agaisnt a french war in their history or to stop it."
Yes, Jean Jaures protest didn't last very long. 
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