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Subject: Rugby World Cup 2007
DropBear    8/9/2007 3:16:13 AM
Only a month away and I think you blokes kick off against the Argies. Is the excitement building in France or is it all low key at the mo? What are your predictions? Curious.
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Council34c    Don't know about France but exictement is definately building here in England   8/9/2007 8:51:22 AM
I think that 2007 will be a vintage World Cup especially with all the 2nd tier teams being much stronger comparitively personally i'd like to see Fiji go through as I really enjoy watching their games. The final will be South Africa v. New Zealand if South Africa don't slip up and lose to England, the Northern hemisphere for this World Cup is weak. Australia however are always very strong possibly why they are in my opinion being underestimated in the run up. As to who will win I think i'm going to have to echo the favored opinion and say New Zealand are looking pretty much unstoppable.
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DropBear       8/9/2007 1:17:37 PM
It will be interesting to see what happens now that former Oz coach, Eddie Jones can give some of our Wallabies game plans away.
NZ is always the one to beat and that is coming from an Aussie.
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JIMF       8/15/2007 11:28:05 AM
I'm going to watch the France - Italy match  this Saturday with a group of French people, hopefully including women. I know as much about soccer, excuse me football, as most Americans.  What should I be looking for?  Who is favored to win?, Who are the outstanding players?
Any help to make me appear less ignorant of the game than I am would be appreciated. 
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DropBear       8/15/2007 1:45:10 PM
You're better off watching the women. France and Italy are rugby backwaters (minnows). Wait till the Wallabies play the All Blacks for a real game.
P.S. Soccer is what southern hemisphere folk call that game with a round ball. The muppets up north will have you believe it is called "football". Rugby is what REAL footy is all about.
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DynamicTraveler       8/16/2007 1:17:09 PM
I am an American, and a bit of a sports fanatic; however, I do not know much about rugby.  The first match I ever saw was last year in England, and I don't think it was even a real rugby game (Rugby 7's I think they called it).  Aside from South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, what countries are good in this sport?
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Bluewings12       8/17/2007 10:40:27 PM
Whatever people are talking about , France IS the European Rugby Nation to beat THIS YEAR .
We play at Home , and we just beat the World Champion (England) in a fair and square game on their soil (hehe) .

I wish to see a France- All Blacks Final . May the best win .

Cheers .

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Angry       8/21/2007 12:01:41 PM
To all Americans who want to know,
Australia and New Zealand are probably the best in the world with South Africa very close behind.  France and England on their day can also beat the best.  However France is the host so will be very strong.  England is a pale shadow if their glory 4 years ago.  Recently Ireland has been doing pretty well too.  Western Samoa and Fiji are enoumous, powerful, fast and aggresive.  If the population of pacific islanders was as big as the UK then the sporting world would tremble.
Scotland and Wales are traditionally good but have recently been terrible.  Scottish sport at the moment is in a pretty poor way.
Argentina and Italy are catching up with Scotland and Wales in quality
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DynamicTraveler       8/21/2007 11:35:22 PM
Ahh, thank you.  I think I saw Rugby 7's.  It definately was not the full compliment of players.
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Nanheyangrouchuan       9/4/2007 1:41:29 AM
What's the view on the US team (we did actually qualify)?

What team could the US upset?

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paul1970       9/5/2007 10:58:22 AM

What's the view on the US team (we did actually qualify)?

What team could the US upset?

I would give them an even shot at beating Tonga... a long shot at beating Samoa (too big, will bully you off the ball, could get sin binned though). won't have a chance against Soth Africa or England.
be happy if you finish 1 and 3. jump up and down with joy if you finish 2 and 2....
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