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Subject: US & Cheney attempt to push Aveva out of India? rumor
Herc the Merc    7/19/2007 1:55:22 PM
Will Cheney ask Narayanan guarantee for $100 billion reactor orders for US Corporations - behind the scene game play around 123 agreement Preeti Sunghani Jul. 19, 2007 As National Security Adviser M.K. Narayanan prepares to meet US Vice President Dick Cheney on the civilian nuclear deal, think tanks question is it the $100 billion give out for US Corporations? Will Cheney ask National Security Adviser M K Narayanan guarantee for $100 billion reactor orders for US Corporations? Well, that is what everything is coming down to. Asked for his comments on Singh's assessment, State Department Spokesperson Sean McCormack said, "Well, we hope that's in fact the case. The United States has expressed its commitment and expressed its desire to reach an agreement. And we''re sure that the Indian government wants to reach an agreement. The question is a matter of when and the timing of it." "Certainly, there's no time like the present to reach a deal. We had some preliminary discussions yesterday. There are going to be some more discussions with Nick Burns and Richard Boucher. So we''ll see. I think we''ll have a better idea, towards the end of the day, as to where we are," he added. The nuclear 123 deal is stuck in US bureaucracy, UK, France and Russia are ok, CHina is quiet too. US objects to INdia reserving rights to testing nukes (against US law to supply nuke tech to countries that test) or reprocess fuel. Will slick Cheney demand India buy GE reactors and F-18s to amend those requirements?? I think US pushing France out (India already has signed or agreed with Russia for ractors, France only competitor for US--$100 billion value for reactors and about $6-10 billion for figter jets).
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