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Subject: France Reacts To PRC ASAT - stop being Euro-naive
Softwar    6/12/2007 8:53:35 AM
Snips from Aviation Week, June 11, 2007, page 26 Jack Be Nimble Jean-Michel Guhl and Michael A. Taverna - Paris French space industry leaders are again urging Europe to develop a quick-response capability to meet future threats against reconnaissance satellites and other space assets. Benard Molard, VP of defense and security at EADS Astrium, proposes a system based on Helios 2 imaging spacecraft technologies and the new M51 ICBM. This system could replace existing capacity with a 150 kg polar-orbiting minisatellite capable of providing global coverage of the Earth within two weeks... Following the Chinese ASAT trial, the threat is being take much more seriously in Europe, French brass say. Patrick de Rousier, air force operations and air defense commander, is urging Europe to take an active part alongside the U.S.... "It's time to stop being Euro-naive," stated Lt. Col. Yves Blin, deputy chief for space and joint programs on the French General Staff...
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Council34c       6/12/2007 5:36:01 PM
Then is is time for the French to stop being Euro-dominating, then perhaps when others get a proportional say in European defense and aerospace coordination they will contribute without fear of the french controlling the entire enterprise and simply turning our assets into theirs.
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