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Subject: US démocrats want the US troops out of Irak!
verdunjp    3/10/2007 4:03:52 PM
This week, Us Democrat party has proposed a bill to withdraw us trops from Irak and the end of march 2007. Do you think that is possible and/or acceptable? For me, the Irak invasion was not justified, but once done, I can not see how US can withdraw her troops consedering that alone, Irak will probably be in a civil war.
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AdvanceAustralia    Deadline   3/10/2007 4:18:59 PM
To set a deadline for withdrawal is to say to the enemy "You only need to hold out until xx/xx/xxxx and Iraq is yours".

We surrender on xx/xx/xxxx? Get stuffed!

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sofa    why on this board?   3/10/2007 6:47:57 PM
US democrats = cheese eating surender monkies
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DynamicTraveler       3/10/2007 8:17:12 PM
No bill has that authority.
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