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Subject: La France teste avec succès un nouveau missile nucléaire
Danton74    11/9/2006 5:37:13 PM
Le M51, d’une portée de 8.000 km, entrera en service en 2010. Michèle Alliot-Marie a exprimé sa «grande satisfaction», après le tir effectué jeudi matin sans charge nucléaire. ""
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Herc the Merc    Iran teste avec succes Shahab-3   11/9/2006 5:45:10 PM
d'une portee de 3500km, en sevice aujourd 'hui. Le Ayatollah est tres tres bien avec en grand smile.
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Herald1234    Confused   11/9/2006 6:24:07 PM
I don't speak or write French. So do I understnd that France has tested an eight thousand kilometer range SLBM with a dummy payload that she will deploy in 2010, and that the dummy in Iran has a present day water heater technology rocket that causes him to smile?
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Herc the Merc    Russia too tests a missile--its fun isn't it -Missiles with nukes flying around--Wheeee   11/9/2006 6:24:30 PM

The Russian military on Thursday successfully test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile as part of regular efforts to check the readiness of Soviet-built missiles, a military spokesman said." width=16>" width=100>" width=16>
Russian military successfully test-fires intercontinental ballistic missile" border=1>
Russian military successfully test-fires intercontinental ballistic missile" width=16>" width=100>" width=16>" width=8 align=absMiddle>BREAKING NEWS" width=1>" width=10> The eyes of Donald Rumsfeld are watching the world" width=1>" width=10> Democrats win for the first time in 12 years" width=1>" width=10> Iraq: The never-ending nightmare for the USA" width=16>" width=100>
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Herald1234    Whoopee indeed!   11/9/2006 6:29:48 PM
10,000 kilometer ranged liquid-fuelled 30 year old missile. Availability 58%. Probable mean failure upon launch, about the same.
Real yeehaw moment there.
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Danton74       11/10/2006 5:57:14 AM
I'd have to admit I haven't a clue why Herc has posted about the Iranian's missile on the same thread as the French 10k km  missile report - he might be best placed to explain!
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Herald1234    Sarcasm, but not at France.   11/10/2006 10:59:07 AM
A comment was made about the Ayatollah's current water heater technology rocket as if it was anything near to France's achievement. The implication was that Iran had a missile which could threaten France and that France would be frightened of it.
If the Iranians could get it to work.
I would be interested to read the explanation for the statement myself.
I have confidence in France.
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