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Subject: British Rangers Return
SYSOP    5/10/2021 6:21:05 AM
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Toryu88       5/16/2021 8:47:48 AM
The MI6 can operate in the UK while the CIA cannot. This hamstrings the US from the beginning to combat strikes by foreign powers here at home, which will assuredly happen in any next major war say for instnace against China. The "Million Grains of Sand": policy reported several times here on this sight will no doubt be the source. How much more effective would it be to stage land based sabateur or special ops attacks against our air force bases to take out our hyper expensive aircraft produced in such small numbers than to try and defeat them in the sky? I can't say I have much faith in our Air Force Security police in beating back a determined effort to infiltrate and destroy air assets. It should be obvious that our open borders and open society is a detriment to security. In the next major conflict we might find our military who has counted on American's geographic isolation for so long to protect our home bases, will be standing with their penis in their hands in the event of wide spread domestic target attacks. We might want to take a lesson from the Brits and begin to seriously look at the security of domestic bases. They did back in the 1960s when Strategic Air Command under Gen. Curtis LeMay too base security very very seriously. My father was stationed at Beale AFB then the largest SAC base on the continent. At least one officer who was a bit too flippant with the security checkpoint proceedure and who breezed though a checkpoint found himself in the base hospital sufferiing from a gunshot wound. I fear that the next conflict which will be with China is going to be a rude shock to the American public. Even if we don't commit troops in Asia, the war will be here on our doorstep in numwerous unpleasant forms: Biological, technological, and special ops. I thijnk we are just coming out of a dress rehearsal for the former, we've seen network hacks and temporary GPS and telecommunications shutdowns and thier ripple effect on not just military and business but the psyche of the public. Wide spread strikes against military targets at home would send shockwaves of terror and panic through the nation that would make 9/11 look like nothing. Bringing the question to the public's mind "If the military cannot even protect itself at home, how will they protect us?"
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