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Subject: Having trouble deciding future military career
Garland    3/27/2011 10:01:08 AM
I am planning to enlist right when I turn 18 here is my current plan- I plan to go army infantry, then airborne school and eventually ranger school. Some of my concerns are, if I do somehow passs ranger school, I ehar they can still stick you into being a cook, your not guaranteed a regiment, and what happens if you fail school? Those are the main things pushing me towards the marines. Any and all insight is awelcome. Physically I am alright I can easily do 60+ push ups non stop, crunches are easy, pull ups no problem, I rep about 215 on bench I am 6"2 195 pounds and have about a 7 minute mile(working on it). If I plan to train everything every single day do you thgink I am in good shape for ranger school? I am mainly worried of sleep deprivation
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