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Subject: MSOAG Changes Name & Grows
SCCOMarine    8/17/2009 10:56:50 AM
Marine Special Operations Advisory Group changes it's name to Marine Special Operations Regiment. Along w/ the name change comes overall growth at all levels. Originally in '07 it was planned to have 2 Companies (Alpha & Bravo) & 24 Advisory MSOTs. In '08 that estimate grew to 2 Co's & 30 Teams. There was another change earlier this yr when Alpha & Bravo Co's grew to full Battalions becoming the 3rd & 4th MSOBs. Earlier this week they're projected size has grown again. The Group will now become a full Regiment. There will now be 48 Advisory MSOTs up fr/24 & then 30. These 48 Teams will now be organized into 12 Co's & 3 Special Operations Battalions.
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