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Subject: GOP
EW3    11/9/2005 1:55:51 AM
Where are you? Haven't heard from you for a while? Don't let ZackG set you off posting here. If nothing else let us know you are OK.
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gf0012-aust    RE:GOP   11/12/2005 1:40:11 AM
he dropped a new post elsewhere so he hasn't done a runner.. ;)
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EW3    RE:GOP   11/13/2005 12:00:11 PM
Thanks GF....
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GOP    Well, I'm back...:)   12/23/2005 12:23:08 AM
I haven't been here in about 2 months, but I missed this place and have decided to start coming back (yeah, it's bad when you miss a internet forum)...but honestly haven't had much time to get on the net. You guys miss me? :)
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Carl S    RE:Well, I'm back...:)   12/23/2005 4:44:43 AM
Miss who??
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displacedjim    RE:Well, I'm back...:)   12/23/2005 9:37:59 AM
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Yimmy    RE:Well, I'm back...:)   12/24/2005 6:04:03 PM
GOP is back! Quick, delete the thread!
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Yimmy    RE:Well, I'm back...:)   12/25/2005 2:31:59 PM
Not a paranoid sort I see GOP. :)
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EW3    RE:GOP interesting link on PJ training   3/19/2006 9:38:13 PM
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