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papanik1    9/10/2008 3:45:52 PM
There is a rumor that Force Recon Companies will come back in the active Corps ( they still exist in the reserves) instead of Deep Recon Companies at Battalion level. Also in a month or so there will be a common operators training course for MARSOC personel, ( with some different follow up training after,(depending on assignment to MSOAG or MSOB) but its not clear if and when MSOCs and MSOTs will get to be more interchangeable in capabilities as Special Forces teams currently are. Any info on FR, and MARSOC training and evolving team missions? Right now its hard to imagine someone from MSOAG going to a MSOB unit without lots of extra training. Also does anybody know if diver/airborne/BRC training will be a "must" for all personel of MSOB teams as was the case with FR?
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