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Subject: Military Planning 101
DGreat1    8/4/2008 10:58:23 PM
Central Nuclear War Note: Central Nuclear war refers to a war between the United States and Russia in which nuclear weapons are used against the heartland and or major strategic forces of both powers. Central Nuclear War is not likely to be a zero sum game where the gain of one is the loss of the other. Herman Kahn, Thinking about the Unthinkable Jones Note The Global War on Terror has altered the validity of Dr. Kahns assessment, as the potential inclusion of another Islamic Fundamentalist nation as a nuclear weapons armed entity would prove to be the type of breakthrough that could effectively neutralize America’s global dominance should one of those nations choose to strike during a conflict between Russia and the United States. Iran, who is poised to become the second Islamic Fundamentalist nation to acquire a nuclear weapons capability, would be highly motivated to accelerate their involvement in terror on a region specific and even global basis, therefore, effectively solidifying their status as maybe the most dangerous nation in the world. Pakistan, who was the first Islamic Fundamentalist nation to acquire a nuclear weapons capability would then be forced to break away from their alliance with America in order to maintain their status as the dominant force in the Middle East. Central Nuclear War in Theory Theoretically, central nuclear war will be the result of a diverse range of variables that will have convinced Russia or the United States of the fact that CNW is more appealing than inaction concerning a given predicament. It is important to note that this is indicative of theatre occurrences within the Middle East, as both America and Russia have forged alliances with terror sponsoring nations in Pakistan and Iran that may very well lead them to the brink of central nuclear war. Should Iran reciprocate the feat that saw Pakistan become the first Islamic fundamentalist nation to acquire a nuclear weapons capability, the future may hold catastrophic consequences for both America and Russia as central nuclear war will be only a flashpoint intervention variable away from occurring. This will be due to the fact that terror sponsoring nations like Pakistan and Iran will hold facilitative proxy war subordinate roles that could reconfigure the current structure of region specific and global alliances due to the worlds reliance on the natural resources in the Middle East. In a scenario such as this, nations like Russia and the United States will see CNW as more appealing than the likelihood of losing regional and or global viability to terror sponsoring nations like Pakistan or Iran. This is but one variable that articulates the potential logic of central nuclear war in theory. Central Nuclear War Facilitators Prolonged Global War on Terror- While there is no doubt that the war on terror must be fought and won decisively, there must also be a plan to accomplish realistic goals in a condensed timeframe so as not to fall victim to the exertions of war, as this could leave America vulnerable to a Russian attack or facilitate the same by way of flashpoint intervention variables. For example, one such variable may appear in the form of Russian grievances concerning US influenced sanctions against Russias Iranian allies. The GWOT must maintain some semblance of broad acceptance with clear and concise short term goals that will not ramp up into full scale wars like Iraq and Afghanistan, as these types of wars are costly in regards to money, personnel and materials. Proliferation by Terror Sponsoring Nations- The paradigm shift that saw a terror sponsoring nation like Pakistan acquire nuclear weapons has presented the world with the most daunting task in the world today, as this problem has increased the tension between Russia and the United States concerning central nuclear war. Exacerbation of US based Regional Initiatives- The Middle East is clearly the region of interest here, as US based initiatives have brought America into direct conflict with Russia as America works feverishly to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability and effectively destabilizing the region. While America is pursuing a noble cause it will be imperative that precautions be taken concerning future initiatives, as Russia has formed an alliance with Iran that will have a major impact on her ability to maintain or surpass her current status in regards to global viability. Russia has a lot riding on the future of Iran as Russian leaders clearly made a decision to forge an alliance with Iran in the belief that they would risk losing regional influence in the Middle East if they did not align themselves with one of the current or future proponents of the paradigm shift that has given terror sponsoring nations inclusion into the nuclear weapons society. Russian strike out of the blue- Should Russia execute a spontaneous attack, it will mos
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ArtyEngineer       8/4/2008 11:19:13 PM
Well look whos back.  Someone has escaped from the asylum!!!!!  How did that whole special forces thing work out for you?  Im sure Old Grunt and a few others will be interested to hear how you got on!
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GOP       8/5/2008 12:46:13 PM
That's alot of reading, so I didn't read any of it. But I did see "Jones". I'm really tempted to post some witty smart-ass stuff, but I'll pass for right now.
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DGreat1       8/5/2008 1:59:46 PM
I am fine arty. I  missed you guys.
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GOP       8/5/2008 4:34:19 PM
I  missed you guys.
Thanks alot Jones.
But, we didnt miss you.

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