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Subject: Sabotage the Insurgents
theBird    7/8/2008 10:20:04 AM
Lately insurgents are often stealing or obtaining equipment from poorly guarded or turn coat Iraqi National Guard depots and was wondering why not turn this problem into an advantage. For leave a warehouse in a hotzone lightly guarded with several shifts of Guardsmen. Each shift is told about a particular weakness in the security and then set to work. When the insurgents then break in and steal the goods, check which weakness was used and start investigating the team that was told about that weakness. Meanwhile the insurgents think they've gotten thier hands and good equipment, when actually everything in that depot is sabotaged; the AK-47 rounds they've taken are all designed to explode when fire, the grenades they took detonate as soon as the spoon is released and the armor they stole is just as heavy as the real thing but provides no protection. Just make sure the people in the quartermaster section know the gig as well!
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theBird       7/13/2008 3:11:28 AM
I believe the US used a tactic like this in Vietnam, sneaking into enemy caches and replacing some of the good munitions with booby trapped ones.
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