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Subject: special forces
nasser    2/12/2008 8:58:31 PM
from US infantry what would be the best way to get to be in the special forces and what tests would you recommend me taking? i have a score of 63 on the ASVAB would i need to retake it and score higher also i was told to volunteer for Air born school in basic training what els should i do ? any info about what you'd help or anything at all would be much appreciated thank in advance
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nasser    reqiurments   2/12/2008 9:25:50 PM
and what is required both mentally and physically (min.  push ups / pull ups / two mile time/ sit ups / swimming ?
thanks again

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smitty237    Well.......   2/13/2008 1:02:00 AM
First of all, get that ASVAB score up.  Go to a book store or get online and find an ASVAB study guide. 
I know nothing about you, so I don't know if you're just an idealistic kid who just dreams of being a "green beret" or if you're seriously capable of becoming a Special Forces operator.  First of all, I would recommend choosing infantry as your MOS, and making sure that airborne school is included in your enliustment contract.  Once you graduate from airborne school you will probably be assigned to an airborne unit, such as the 82nd ID.  From there you can decide whether or not Army life is for you, and whether or not you want to pursue a career in Special Forces. 
As far as physical training goes, I would recommend that you get in good shape before you go to basic training.  The Army will do the rest. 
Good luck. 
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nasser       2/13/2008 3:55:53 AM
thanks for the reply

i would like to add
fist i just wanted to join infantry but now after i did the physical and took the ASVAB i finished all the paperwork with a counselor  i was thinking of making a career out of it and thought that the special forces would be good for me in the future

well a brief background of me is I'm 17  i stay in great physical condition i was a rescue diver/ life guard
i have a GED and currently an active duty of the us army
i am going in 2 month to basic training

what would your advice for me becoming a special force operator be?
and can i volunteer for air born school in infantry or basic training?

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