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Subject: what should i join Paras or Royal marines?
klrmcommando    10/12/2007 6:08:24 PM
Could someone please point out advantages and disadvantage about joining the rm commandos and Paras.Icould mean my life one day so please reply.
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black white       10/24/2009 4:16:45 AM
Hey asshole go read some more books your a fucking walter mitty,
I will ans for the Paras and we dont need mongs like you.  
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TomiiBoii       4/20/2010 10:31:45 AM
Dude Sorry to burst your bubble but you have to be in the army, the Royal Marines or some infantry soldier for atleast 3-9years befor getting to the SAS unit and you have to be reccomended by your commanding officer first for an application so its not as easy as it seems.
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Ricky       6/4/2010 6:02:05 PM
How anyone can call the Royal Marines Commando just another infantry unit is beyond me. It takes 15 months to train a RMC Officer and 32 weeks to train a 'normal' Commando. Compare this to the Para's and all you have to do is P company which is an achievement yes but all you recieve the same weapons training and tactics that any soldier in the British Army does, albeit you do have bragging rights for being a para. It all depends on whether you prefer the water and doing beach or jumping out of planes to do an infantry man's role. It also depends on whether you want to be SAS or SBS both learn to jump however if you were in the para's you'd have a significant advantage over the others. Basically the Marines go anywhere and do everything whereas the para's are slightly more respected than your average soldier and so can be considered as a slightly more elite but the RMC are a step above them. Think of them as being the step before becoming a special forces soldier. 
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Ricky       6/4/2010 6:13:30 PM
That might have sounded bias towards RMC but I'm also wanting to join the Commandos and depending on what life's like on the other side go on and join the SBS. Generally speaking the SAS consider the SBS to be underfunded and unprofessional and the SBS consider the SAS to be 'gun ho' cowboys who are arrogant. To be brutal though both work together as part of the UKSF so it doesn't matter. However the SBS training is longer as you also learn how to infiltrate through the water as well as being dropped behind the lines. There's also the element of conducting sabotage on ships etc.
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Matlow       7/2/2010 7:52:18 AM
Firstly  Marines are a special breed!! 
Second. Anyone in the armed forces can attempt UKSF selection.  Although they do encourage marines to the SBS and Army to the SAS but it really doesnt matter.  If you become a Marine and want to attept selction for SAS then go for it.  If you arn't in the Royals but wish to join the SBS then you will have to complete the all arms commando course anyway to get your green lid first.
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para_1       1/13/2011 2:42:51 PM
Mate, go for it! I had same dilemma. Only thing is Royal Marines are Navy and Paras are army. You can?t go from Navy to SAS as its an army regiment. However there?s isn?t a huge amount of known difference between SBS and SAS. (that?s known) apart from publicity. My commanding officer for CCF, was in SBS, because of age he is now training SBS reserves. I?m on scholarship scheme, so might see you there! 
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katesdad       11/9/2012 8:57:48 AM
Depends on if you're a wannabe or not.  If it's just walking about with a maroon or green beret, then join the RM's or Paras.
Personally, I'd get some time in a proper infantry regiment to skill up.  Then if you're still busting to to 'be elite' do Para selection, and after a bit, if you're good enough do Pathfinder selection .. and NO you're NOT halfway into the SAS.
Other poster is right, ultimately you're just light infantry, and all the things that make the Marines or Paras sexy you'll only do 1% of the time (or in my experience less).
Soldiering is a career, skill up, there aren't any quick and easy ways to do it right, ...  I did 23 years of it.
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katesdad       11/9/2012 9:01:18 AM
Bullshit .. anyone an active service (or TA) can do SAS selection.  Guys from the RAF Regiment do it all the time, and they're not Army.
Just hope you realise there's more to getting into the Regiment than wanting to wear the blade.  No one gets into selection without some time in their home unit.
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katesdad       11/9/2012 9:04:54 AM

I think the point is that AFTER all that training, most Marines fulfil a light infantry role.  Not many RM's in Sangin are HALOing bhind enemy lines, or sniping the Taliban from 2 miles away.  Most are lumping a daysack around all day, and at most getting some gun time with the L85.  Stop playing Call of Duty for a bit, and do a reality check.
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