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Subject: royal marine commandos
klrmcommando    10/12/2007 5:24:29 PM
What a unit.They are experts at amphibious landings and overall amphibious warfare much like the navy seals.They are experts in night ops and jungle warfare much like the us ranger.They specialise in artic warfare,i can't think of an American branch who specialises in that.They can provide recconisiance ops,sabotage behind enimy line and are part of the sfsg(special forces support group along with paras and the raf regiment).So, they are close to if not equal to the skils required in special forces units.Now if anyone can name an American (non special forces)unit that does the samr if not better than the royal marines commandos then feel free to sat so.
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klrmcommando    royal marine commandos   10/12/2007 5:58:22 PM
If anyone can name a better non special forces unit other than royal marines the please say so.
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longrifle       10/12/2007 10:54:10 PM
The Dam-Yi Mobile Division of Commando Paratrooper
Colonel Phillip Drouin (FULRO)

And then there's the 321st Dipsey Dumpster Division (Airmobile).  It was hell, son, I'd rather not talk about it.

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gf0012-aust    klrmcommando   10/12/2007 11:03:55 PM
no offence intended.  but its apparent from your posting behaviour that you're possibly an amped up teenager, or that school holidays have just kicked in.
its probably worth your while to properly read the posts that you're responding to, and that way you might discover some persistently appearing names who funnily enough, have direct and relevant experience.
if you're going to start proclaiming some kind of gifted insight into unit capabilities, then you'd better start declaring your own experience first (and be aware that if you're caught telling porky pies, then all your enthusiasm would have been wasted)
don't take it the wrong way, but we are ferking sick to death of people trotting in and saying that the Bulgarian Boghammer Parachute Brigade are the bestest boonies in the world and that they would eat the Vatican Guard in a heartbeat....
its friendly advice given with a complete absence of malice, absorb it as you will.
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klrmcommando       10/13/2007 4:56:14 AM
All im sayin is that they are experts at amphibious,jungle,artic and night ops all in one.What im trying to say is the royal marines commandos KICK ASS on the field and you can't denie it.
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mough       10/13/2007 7:01:51 AM
Theres a difference between amphibious warfare like the RM's do and Naval special warfare like the SEAL's do, apples and handgrenades, the RM's train in Arctic warfare because of tradition and their CW role which was to die heriocally holding Norway against Ivan and they are part of the SFSG because 1 it was a sop to keep it tri service, although thats proving to be a good idea anyway now and 2 it's not any Bootnecks in the SFSG, the RM strike company was drawn from  BR those are the recce operators and the ML's parachute qualified all, so they were quite skilled guys anyway
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