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Subject: One for GOP
Camsell    8/4/2007 6:01:11 AM
Hey bud, don`t know whether you can help me here? But I was watching a program on Discovery channel about Guillie suits and they`ve devised a new one, that can not only conseal you in the enviroment, but also hide you from thermol imaging units. Tried to find it on the web, but much to my provale. Failed LOL
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Horsesoldier       8/4/2007 10:00:07 AM
There's at least one company that makes (somethat) thermal concealing ghillie suit components and is (or was) a website for their product.  It is just fabric ghillie suit components treated with the same kind of infrared resistant chemicals as are standard on current issue military uniforms in many developed nations.
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Camsell       8/4/2007 12:37:12 PM
yeah thought as much.
Cheers Horsesoldier
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