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Subject: Guatemalan Special Forces
Iano    12/11/2004 2:59:46 PM
Hi there does anyone know about the Guatemalan Special Forces? Of interest, if there was a fight between Guatemalan Special Forces, and Brtish Territorial Infantry, all other factors being equal, who would your money be on?
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AussieEngineer    RE:Guatemalan Special Forces   12/12/2004 6:41:11 AM
lol, whenever someone mentions the territorials I think of Gavin from "The Office".
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Iano    RE:Guatemalan Special Forces   12/12/2004 1:07:24 PM
Yes haha I'll give you that Kindve wondering though if Guatemala's finest are better or worse than them though. After all, is a third world country's finest better or worse than a third world country's last choice?
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jibberish    RE:Guatemalan Special Forces   12/21/2004 12:42:31 AM
i would guess that all nations special forces are similar in capabilities, just a matter of degrees. its with conventional forces that the third world countries take the dive.
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Iano    RE:Guatemalan Special Forces   12/21/2004 2:35:40 PM
I wouldnt be too sure. The UK has very small special operations community, between the SBS and SAS it must be less than a thousand. Whereas the US has 45000 personnel in SOCOM. Okay the American population and American military are bigger than Britains, but not that much bigger, 200-odd million against 60 million. So either Americans are naturally more suited for special operations than British, or the standards are different. Plus even though the creme de la creme of some other country might be very good soldiers, and a first world special operations soldier must be a very good soldier, I imagine technology can affect their abilities quite a bit, and thats something third world countries dont have a lot of access to by definition.
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Rebanonjin    RE:Guatemalan Special Forces   3/28/2005 2:23:39 AM
I believe they are called "Kaibiles" (singular: Kaibil). From what I read they are known to be amongst the best trained soldiers in jungle warfare in the world (that's right, a third world nation's spec ops ranks amongst the best worldwide) as well as for their brutal (and sometimes plain disgusting)training. They commited several human rights violations in the civil war. I read somewhere that even US Army Special Forces have gone to Guatemala to take the Kaibil course but only 1 has completed the course with full honors. If this is true, Holy Sh*t.
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Jodhpur    RE:Guatemalan Special Forces   4/16/2005 7:04:19 PM
They were termed the "dog soldiers", by a section of the British press, owing to their propensity to use dogs for bayonet practice or something like that.
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Jodhpur    RE:Guatemalan Special Forces   4/16/2005 7:12:45 PM
Besides why would you want to compare them to the territorials? Given that the SAS trains next door in Belize -they'd be a more appropriate term of reference (although perhaps unfortunate for the "Kaibiles" if they ever tangled for real with the boys from hereford).
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Iano    RE:Guatemalan Special Forces   5/24/2005 10:04:02 AM
It was just something I thought of one day... So what is the disgusting part of the training? And the atrocities they committed? Bayoneting dogs, that is awful. But this doesnt point to superb soldiering... to me this reeks of paramilitary brutality and so on. So you think the Kaibiles would win?
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GOP    RE:Guatemalan Special Forces -   5/24/2005 8:33:20 PM
Robanonjin, that is because it was US Army SF and not USMC Force Recon :). I have 100% confidence that a average FORCE RECON soldier is better than the average Kaible. Iano, I would bet the house on the SAS. They are the best of the best, the elite, and the greatest SF in the world (I am a American, but it is true). I don't exactly know how 2 SF groups are going to fight each other, but if they did, the Brits would win. As far as conventional forces, the Kaibles might win, but within 72 hours, they would have Harriers, Infantry, and Challengers invade Guatamala
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Iano    RE:Guatemalan Special Forces -   5/25/2005 6:05:13 AM
Nope I was meaning reservist/territorial forces...?
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