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Subject: Unit training breakdown?
GOP    4/15/2007 11:41:59 PM
What is the typical breakdown of how a unit trains? OK, I recently read that most SWAT units have a breakdown like this: 20% shooting 20% conditioning 60% tactics So, how do you balance training time in a typical SOF unit, and what is the typical "micro breakdown" (ie: the 20% shooting would be target shooting, multiple targets, whatever...not too sure about that, but using that as an example)
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GOP       4/15/2007 11:42:52 PM
Just want to make that clear, lol.
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Horsesoldier       4/16/2007 6:31:01 PM
I'm not sure if there's a good way to answer the question without OPSEC issues at least being an issue.
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Yimmy       4/16/2007 6:52:05 PM
20%  Sleeping
20%  Eating pies
20%  Clubbing and grabbing a granny and/or pulling a munter.
20%  Driving to a training area the other side of the country despite there being one nextdoor.
20%  Crawling through swamps and shooting at stuff.

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mough       4/16/2007 7:24:39 PM
Yimmy has given the closest answer you'll get on an open forum GOP...
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GOP       4/16/2007 9:54:10 PM

Yimmy has given the closest answer you'll get on an open forum GOP...

OPSEC sucks balls. Every question I have is an OPSEC issue, I've gotten a handle on the other areas of SOF. I guess this is the life of a civilian wannabe, and what makes Hollywood movies so fascinating. Well, I hate to say it again, but for the safety of our troops...Thread closed.
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