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Subject: Where heck is Osama?
GOP    1/20/2007 2:37:03 PM
It's nearly 6-1/2 years since 9/11, and absolutely no sign of Osama. Where the heck is he? I mean, it can't be that hard to put guys in Pakistan's tribal area...God, I would love to send the 10th Mountain, 101st AB, Army Rangers, SF, AFSOC, SEALs, CAG, Devgru, SAS, Royal Marines, and SASR into that crappy place, fill it with UAV's and airpower, search every house/cave in the area, and find the sob. I understand everything about "Pakistan's sovereignty" and all that crap, but how much do they really care about Waziristan (sp)? They claim to be allies (even though they will not allow us to go into Waziristan), but it is painfully obvious that their troops are not capable of capturing the most notorious terrorist in the world...or maybe the simply don't have the will to do so. If he's not in Waziristan, then where is he? I have read reports from French intel that say he's dead, but I just don't believe them. He's probably living with President Musharraf (sp again) or Ahmadinijead at one of their Palaces. Are we even serious about catching him? The reason I posted this is because I was reading a national geographic article from *2004*, and he hasn't even been heard from since our siege on Tora Bora. This a perfect example of having the forces capable of taking him out, but almost no intel on him whatsoever...the Western intel agencies should be embarrassed.
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Horsesoldier       1/20/2007 3:38:07 PM
Keeping Pakistan at least nominally on our side is a pretty complicated issue.  A number of open source accounts have claimed we have black-side SOF, white-side SOF, and/or CIA contractors inside Pakistan, but according to such accounts the penetration is relatively shallow (the sort of cases where you could do a quick dash back into Afghanistan in a pinch).
So, I'd say its probable Osama is deeper into Pakistan than we are currently willing to send guys after him.
That said, I would think you're right -- if ther intelligence agencies, or local operations in the theater, could put a hard location on Osama, we'd probably be willing to take the risk of annoying Pakistan to get him, either with troops or with air strikes.  The fact that we have not doe so strongly suggests we don't have a solid handle on his whereabouts, at least not solid enough for a surgical DA hit or JDAMs, cruise missiles, whatever.
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HYPOCENTER    Im pissed at the lack of progress   2/1/2007 4:16:20 PM
I've been asking this question for a while, see this thread:

My conclusion, at this point in time, is that Zawhiri is definitely in or near a city-center. UBL is probably located in a rural location. Both are most probably in Pakistan. Pakistan, who are barely cooperating, and may actually be working against us-- we just don't know.

What's really discouraging is that the trail is apparently dead cold, and no new info has been released about the hunt for either of these guys. The kicker is, this can all end tomorrow. All it takes is one tip, one person to come forward to give a piece of information... and it's all over.
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YOUGOTYOURASSKICKED       6/14/2008 1:13:31 AM
He's in Pakistan.
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GOP       6/14/2008 3:27:30 AM

He's in Pakistan.

Again dude, take my old threads and make a point not to follow my example of posting like that.
You aren't qualified to say where he is or isn't with any certainty. You are a 15 year old with no military experience or intel on such things.
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YOUGOTYOURASSKICKED       6/15/2008 4:36:57 AM
well sorry. i wasnt trying to critisize you or anything, the title of the thread is "where the heck is Osama?" you asked a question i answered with my <opinion> and that is the most likely place he is.
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