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Subject: GPS guided arrows?
stingray1003    1/1/2007 8:14:17 AM
Does anyone think this sort of technology could be useful. Arrows could fired, after clearing the bow they could be steerable or atleast guided. Able to glide over and around targets of interest. Range could be several Km with a gliding arrow. Armed with a camera and transmitter arrows could provide quick and silent intel about a site where there is little or no current intel. Such as troop movement/placement, state of readiness, access etc. Arrows could also be fitted with explosives, flares, decoys, graphite wires to short power, tracking devices etc.
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Herald1234    Without a sustainer motive force.........    1/1/2007 9:02:27 AM
drag will cause that arrow to fall out of control, and it will be useless after a short flight.

The flight time depends on the initial propellant charge and how long lift overcomes the combination of gravity and drag.

Once the arrow stalls, it falls.

Range is thus limited. If is fast enough it will be noisy and endurance though not range may be short. To sustain glide endurance for any reasonable time and for range, it will be slow large, glider shaped and easily seen.

Practicality as a weapon? Moderate. as a treconnaissance element, minimal.

Effective range? Depends on altitude impetus and size and shape. Anything beyond a tenth of a kilometers is highly problematic if it is bow launched.


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GOP       1/1/2007 2:45:09 PM
Yes, it could be useful, along with mind control devices and invisible suits.
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